A Repeatedly Abandoned Building (insafemode) wrote,
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Defining Moment In A Grocery Store #7 (there are 6 others scattered amongst this lj)

My nose is running for President of my face.  I'm in a grocery store, basket full of bagels, cream cheese, and juice.  Tissues.  God, do I need tissues.  So, I go to the paper goods aisle, and begin staring down the long line of facial tissue boxes.  Out of nowhere, the mostly dormant gay part of my brain  says I need to get a box whose pattern will mesh most with the colors in my room.  And, I think, Hey, this is progress.  I could set up a much nicer vibe to my room than the current Pile Of Laundry And Cat Toys  (And Cat) ambiance.

This is when I realize, I have no idea what color anything in my room is
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