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Where Am I?

An update about lack of updates.

I'm currently involved in writing a comic.  The kind you can find in your local comic book stores.  It's an already existing title, so nothing Insafemodey.  I'll write more about it when I have release dates, and, well, a physical copy of said comics (right now, there's no artist attached, just a publisher and distributor).

I'm writing a poem a day for the year 2009, and am only about 30 days behind in writing, but about 70 behind in posting them in the official forum (which, is, unfortunately, private).

I have two horrendously needy cats.  One in constant heat.  One in constant state of hyperactivity.

I have several awesomely needy boyfriends.  Several in constant heat.

I spend most of my not working time, either working on poetry/comics, or checking up on my Racist Grandma.

All my shows this year have been within the state of MA, and I don't have any plans for that to change until the fall/winter.  But it will change.

I also want to put together parts 5 & 6 of the Insafemode Journals.  And a pony.  A pony with a winning lottery ticket.  A pony with a winning lottery ticket who'll help me figure out exactly what type of person I should be dating.    I'll call him Merle Swagger. He will be the awesomest pony to ever pony.  (No ass jokes, please, those aren't ponies, they're donkeys)

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