A Repeatedly Abandoned Building (insafemode) wrote,
A Repeatedly Abandoned Building


In case you hadn't noticed, this journal is now, officially, finished.  Haven't been able to really get back into LJ since the foolish hacker nonsense.  I have, however, finally purchased a website.  And, finally transferred most of the entries from this journal, and from my blogger, and from my old LJ to that new site.  I will be restarting the Perspectives story there tomorrow (I got two LJ entries in before I stopped).  I will probably rss it to LJ and Blogger, but if you want to see the very much still in beta site, check out www.insafemode.com.  Leave a hello comment there, if you'd like.  I'm not sure I'll be checking anything back here.

I will try and get back to doing some stuff for Bad Sex in the next couple of weeks, but that's not really going to be my focus, either.

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