A Repeatedly Abandoned Building (insafemode) wrote,
A Repeatedly Abandoned Building

Splinters (Perspectives Part 3)


Everything splinters over a time.  Sometimes it's a gradual shaving, and sometimes an explosion.  Whether beautiful or troubling usually depends on where the splinters land.  A kaleidoscope of colored wood on the floor being much preferable to a single blade of tarnish lodged in the plantar.

When I was living with Celeste, Sora, and Sir Trick in Mission Hill, our front door was the only door in the house that wasn't splintering.  It was solid and brown, while the rest of the doors flaked paint on the floor, and wore at the hinges.

Divine moved in in September.  And the other doors continued their slow wither, and the front door continued to be, well, a door.

In December, Sora let me know that he was going to be in town, and he wanted to talk.  And the talk was uneventful, and uninformative.  He was, as always, late.  I was, as always, forgiving.  I bought the meal, and we parted company when he realized he was half an hour late for meeting some of his other friends.

I traveled home without incident.  Opened the door to the house, which was never locked, got into the tiny lobby, and the door...the door to my apartment, solid, brown, sturdy, had been thoroughly decimated.  The hinges were ripped from the wall.  Huge chunks of splintered wood lay in ideograms on the floor.  Each one reading something to the effect of "theft", "loss of trust", and "holy shit"

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