A Repeatedly Abandoned Building (insafemode) wrote,
A Repeatedly Abandoned Building

Perspectives (Part 4: Majoring In Drama)

#1 asks:despite the fact that he frustrates, I think that I've fallen for him  what defines "fallen" in your opinion?3:23 AM I'm looking for real responses here  not something contrived

When it comes to gravity, I'm stupid.  I don't know how or why it works.  I've heard things about the moon, and Newton's apple.  I've even fallen down stairs just to see if I could hit my head just right enough to figure it all out.  But I still don't know anything about gravity, other than, it works.

And, of course, I'm going to liken falling in love to gravity.  It's an easy analogy.  Both can be explained with graphs and equations.  Neither make any damned sense to most people.  Still, devotees of science and romance claim that they understand them.  Both get you through most of your life, while occasionally knocking you on your ass.  Both are bitches.

I've never really thought of either one of them having definitions.  Gravity is serious.  It's something that binds you.  Falling is an accident that results in gravity.

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